Unique Potential
Margaret   Joy  Morris Dip.RTM. JP.
Civil Marriage Celebrant
Your ceremony can be exactly as you want it to be with a meaningful and memorable service on your special day!
It can be an elaborate or a no frills service - It's your choice!
Whether we have a religious belief or possess no clear spiritual understanding, we still as human beings find a deep need to mark the most important moments of our lives with an unforgettable ceremony - these are called the Rites of Passage!   The most time-honoured celebration is the uniting of a man and woman in marriage.  Your love and commitment to each other will be portrayed through your own unique ceremony.  I can supply you information books to guide you with your choices for your unique wedding ceremony. These books will include verses, poems, readings, blessings, quotes and prayers. It will also have a couple of examples of weddings to help you tailor your perfect ceremony.

I really look forward to helping you plan an amazing day.
Renewal of Vows
Commitment Ceremonies
Baby Namings
There are times when a married couple may feel it is appropriate to express and renew their love and commitment to each other.
Marriage is built on friendship, love, trust, fidelity and above all an enduring commitment to each other!
Many elements of marriage are tested over time – and the dynamics of a relationship change by the arrival of children and the process of growing older.  There are trials, pains, joys and sorrows. A renewal of vows prove that love and commitment has stood the test of time – it is a ceremony to reassure each other of your deep love, loyalty, expression of trust and belief in marriage and the relationship as husband and wife.
A commitment ceremony is a very solemn and joyful occasion.  Because both partners want to commit themselves to each other’s welfare and happiness.
When two people unite in what is to be a lasting relationship, what matters is the strength and bond of love, loyalty and self-less-ness in order to survive challenges and adversities of the years ahead.
These ceremonies are wonderful ways to remember important times in your life with lasting memories celebrated with family, friends and loved ones.
I am committed to gender equality, diversity and inclusion.
The giving of a name is an important rite in any society, for there is the concept that without a name, there is an incomplete personality.
Today our children are often ‘named’ at an ‘at home ceremony’, where family and friends gather to celebrate the birth of the child and also to personally welcome the child/children into their family unit.
Naming ceremonies are an important way to foster community and kinship with family and friends where all members pledge their love, loyalty and commitment to each other and their ongoing support of the child/children.
Some parents select god parents to be involved in their child/children’s upbringing.
Symbolism of your special occasion
The above ceremonies can be enhanced by incorporating your chosen artistry:
Romance, verses, quotes, presentations, prayers, songs, music or rituals as below:
Rituals of fire, water, earth and air
Sand ceremony
Scattering of rose petals
Warming of the ceremonial rings
Hand fasting
Lighting of marriage candles
Planting of tree, rose etc.
There are many other significant ways of empowering and strengthening your particular event. 
You are only limited by your imagination!
Wedding Ceremonies - your legal obligations

Under the marriage Act 1961 there are certain obligations that you, as a couple intending to get married, must meet prior to a marriage ceremony being solemnised:

A Notice of Intended Marriage (NIM) must be lodged with your Marriage Celebrant no less than one calendar month and no more than eighteen months prior to the marriage being solemnised.

Under normal circumstances the Notice of Intended Marriage would be completed at your first meeting with your chosen celebrant, before the marriage can be solemnised and within the above requirements. If you are unable to meet with me, please download the Notice of Intended Marriage form, complete, scan and email the PDF version to me.

I will need to sight both of your original Birth Certificates, or authorised extracts and photo ID which can be your drivers’ licence or proof of age card.  You can produce either an Australian Passport or Overseas Passport as identification and evidence of date and place of birth. the passport can be expired but not cancelled.
In the case of persons who have been previously married a copy of the Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate, whichever is applicable, must be produced. Only original documents can be accepted.

Prior to your wedding both partners will be required to sign a declaration, under the Marriage Act 1961, stating that you believe there is no legal impediment to the marriage between yourself and your partner. This is a legal document and under Section 11 of the Statutory Declaration Act 1959 it is an offence to make a false statement.

Essential legal elements
The ceremony must be witnessed by two people over the age of 18 years.
The celebrant authority sections 45 and 46 of the Marriage Act 1961 called the Monitum and Vows are legal requirements and the couple must be aware that they are entering into a legal relationship.

Under the marriage Act 1961 two persons under the age of the eighteen cannot marry. A person of age sixteen or seventeen can marry a person eighteen or over but they must obtain parental consent and approval in a court of law.